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How To Make Money!

Earn 30% on Sales & Save 30% on Restock

2 Ways to Earn Money! 

Website Sales

Referral Rep Consultants will have their own personal shopping page link to company website. When customers shop via the consultant‘s website, they’ll earn 30% on each sale.

Commissions will be deposited into PayPal accounts every 1st & 3rd Friday of each month for the sales from the week prior. 

Referral Rep Consultants will receive their own personal sales tracker & team member sign up tracker, plus real time email/text sales alerts.

Direct Sales

Referral Rep Consultants can sell our products directly to customers using their personal product inventory & will receive their cash from each sale upfront.

Referral Rep Consultants can restock inventory at the wholesale price of 30%. 

Products purchased can be sold at any price desired, but must “Never” exceed the company’s pricing per product.  


Join Now & Start Earning Today!

Referral Rep Consultants can earn extra money without the hassle of all the restrictions on selling other direct sales companies have. Control your finances & make the money you want in your own time.

Sell when you want & make your own schedule.  

No website to maintain or update.

Restock inventory as often as you like, but at minimum bi-monthly to remain active. 

Must be 18 yrs old minimum & reside in the US.


Referral Rep Consultants are required to restock inventory with a minimum order of $100 bi-monthly (every 2 months) to remain an active consultant. 

Failure to restock the minimum will prevent Consultants from receiving commissions earned during period of inactivity.

Consultants being inactive for 4 consecutive months will no longer be Consultants & would need to rejoin the company to start selling again.

Consultants must never sell products at prices to exceed our retail prices.